Pro Tips - Ron Rusell - Music Producer

Super Producer Ron Rusell gives this tasty piece of advice:

"Don't get hung up on creating a masterpiece from the start, or you'll have difficulty coming up with fresh ideas. Most masterpieces are just highly polished creations based on very basic ideas, with a twist or two to make them interesting".


Results from the DAW Poll

In a recent poll on this site a massive amount of people answered which Digital Audio Workstation they used. 

The results are as follows:

Out of 23 people who answered

8 use Fl Studio

4 use Cubase
4 use Reason

3 use logic

3 use pro tools 

1 use Ableton live

This site saw well over 5000 page views during the duration of this poll and only 23 people took the time to answer the poll. My conclusion is that many have not yet decided on a DAW to use and I should have added that to the poll questions. Oh well. Seems like FL Studio is the winner. 

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Pro Tips - Rick Rubin - creator of Def Jam

Priceless adivce from a music producing legend, Rick Rubin:

"Good compression isn't necessarily the loudest, the most transparent or the fastest - It's the most appropriate.Acoustic or orchestral music will need less compression than bangin house, so check with pro productions in your genre".