Top Ten Highest Earning Musicians of 2008

According to industry figures, here are the top earning musicians in 2008. The dollar totals were calculated by adding ticket, album, and download sales together.

#10. Rascal Flatts ($77.1 million)

#9. Jonas Brothers ($77.9 million)

#8. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band ($79 million)
#7. Bon Jovi ($81.4 million)

#6. Coldplay ($81.6 million)

#5. AC/DC ($82 million)

#4. Eagles ($90.7 million)
#3. Kenny Chesney ($95.7 million)
#2. Celine Dion ($106.8 million)
#1. Madonna (401.7 million)

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Anden said...

I'm a bit surprised Eagles lagging too far behind Madonna. I love their latest album so much.

Music Man said...

I'm really surprised by these figures. I would have thought that digital music piracy would have had a bigger impact on their earnings which still seem to be going up more and more each year.

Country Videos Lance said...

Surprised to see Kenny as the top country artist up there. And Madonna taking a substantial lead there. So where's Fergie :)

Cool list. Thanks!

jim@Mobile dj Melbourne said...

this is a great list. thanks for sharing.i just love Celine.

Technology Updates said...

The reports are wondering.
and Thanks for the share.

Techgirl Somer said...

I would love to know what one would do with 97 million dollars, much less 400 plus million. I would love to see it in stacks of pennies!

Instrumental Beats said...

Woah, its crazy how rich and how far the music industry can get you.

They all have such a unique sound, its great that there are sites that offer thier original sounds, and that you can sing yourself.


tiensshop said...

Nice post and list though surprising.

Theorbo said...

I can't believe Celine Dion is number 2 and Coldplay only number 6!

And what about Madona!! 400 millions it's crazy.

Daren said...

I am glad to see a few of the bands I grew up with in the poll(Bon Jovi, AC/DC). I would be anxious to see what musicians will be in this poll a few years from now and which bands have faded out. I think I may already know.

Mozie said...

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Kreuzfahrt said...

Stop, who is Kenny Chesney?!
I've never heard about him!
Never ever!!!
Why Johnas Brothers are only the 9th?!

jazz band said...

Well I guess nobody is in jazz for the money any more :)
Are these earnings from music alone or also from other investments?


aircraft tools said...

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Radio Ads said...

Its really very surprising for me that how Eagles are too far behind from "Madonna". Their progress was impressive in the start of 2008.

Krill Guy said...

Wow... nice to know that my favorite group topped the highest earning musicians... I hope they still top the list this 2010.

RC heli said...

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jeanne said...

Not bad at all the J. Brothers!
I didn't think they would make so much money

John said...

I am kind of surprised to see the Bonas Brothers in this lol, and wow Madonna simply rules them all out

California music teacher said...

Surprising! I have no heard of a few of these (like Rascal Flatts) and I can't believe they are on the top 10 money making musicians list of the year! Thanks for sharing.