Enter the unconventional world of electronica
IDM, or intelligent dance music, is simply an act of musical rebellion, the only rule with this genre is there are no rules. The term IDM came about in the early 90's when a team of progressive electronic musicians created the concept of pushing electronic dance music past its conventional boundaries of endlessly looping 4/4 time. One of the interesting contradictions in IDM is that it pays homage to 'classical' electronic dance traditions while at the same time doingits best to thwart them. IDM is like electronic dance music , only not aimed at getting you on the dance floor. Take the common traits of dance music, turn them upside down and shake it up a bit, and you get IDM: unconventional but still groove like beats: beats that are too slow, too fast, too quiet and fey, too irregular for your typical raver kid: synth sounds except perhaps less pleasant than your average house chord or synth stab, more complex and out of place to the four-beat shuffle; the sounds of broken or misused gear.

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