Frontier Design Group’s new AlphaTrack

Frontier Design Group’s new AlphaTrack

Say hello to the alphatrack from Frontier Design.

- A 100mm motorized fader controls the track it's assigned to in your DAW software, and adjusts itself to the level it's supposed to

-Buttons control the tracks activity. "Mute" silences the track, "solo" plays it and "Record" arms the track for recording in your software.

- A backlit LCD screen shows the raw data, in numbers, of your software that you are working on.

- Touch-sensitive knobs offer control of different parameters in your DAW. Pressing a knob down allows for further exploration of parameter menus.

- Basic transport controls give you ability to tell your software to play, stop, record, fast forward and rewind.

- By sweeping your hand across the jog/shuttle strip, you can skim through your software's timeline. By tapping on it, you can skip to previously designated locations in the timeline.

- Toggle between specific features like Pan, Send, EQ, Plug-in, Automation that you want the given Alphatrack to control at a given time. Use the "Track" buttons to alternate tracks and "loop" to quickly repeat a phrase.

Price:$199.00 (may decrease over time).

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