The art of freestyle rhymes

The art of freestyle rhyming is when a rapper puts toegether different lyrics off the top of his head without referring to any written or rehersed lyrics. Rappers often use there surroundings as topics when freestyling such as their location objects or the people they are with. Freestyling is a test of a rappers ability and battles are often waged to determine who is better.

It is not uncommon for an artist to perform freestyle raps during a live show as seen here when jay z freestyle's during a show with mary j blige.
Jay-z - Freestyle

Here is another freestyle by jay z and dmx backstage. not really a battle just a showcase of skill
DMX Versus JAY Z FreeStyle


Many impressive online freestyle battles are available and can quickly make a name for an up and coming artist. One rapper who made his name from freestyle battles was Jin. Here are a few of his best battles

friday freestyle - Profit vs Jin freestyle battle

friday freestyle jin battle against guy who falls off. freestyle

Freestyle Friday Jin vs Skazoo battle


Another form of freestyle is rapping written lyrics over a beat live. One of the most popular examples of this is the Cassidy Freestyle that got over 2 million hits on youtube

Cassidy Freestyle song lyrics

Another hot freestyle by cassidy hyping up one of his popular songs:
Cassidy - Freestyle

When gangster rappers freestyle battle their lyrics are usually very threatening and violent.
Freestyle Battle: Cassidy Vs. Freeway


One of my favorite rappers "lil wayne" also has a collection of freestyles online. One of the best places for freestyles is rap city.

lil wayne rap city freestyle

Besides lil Wayne's rap city freestyle he has countless amounts of freestyle videos making there way around the net. Here are a few of my favorites:

Lil' Wayne live freestyle - rap city

lil wayne freestyle over jay z beat


Here is some rare freestyle footage by some of the best in the game

2pac Rare Freestyle

Extremely rare tupac and biggy freestyle

Proof and Eminem Freestyle *Very Rare*

The last video I will post here has been called the worst freestyle battle ever recorded on film. Why would I post it here then? I found it strangely amusing, maybe you will as well.


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