Pro Tips - Bob Ludwig

Bob Ludwig, the super producer god, recently made this statement for a music industry book:
The biggest mistake people make in recording

"Probably the biggest mistake I hear people making is using too much compression. Listen, you don't even want to get me going on the state of compression these days. It's one of the things that's hurting the the music business. Artists and A&R people insist on having their music squashed way beyond anything they should. It only hurts the music and ruins longevity.

If the digital compressors people use today had been invented and used at the time of The Beatles, their music would not have near the longevity to it. It absolutely makes a big difference. Too much compression on music fatigues listeners' ears. You simply don't feel like hearing the music again".


franco said...

Bob Ludwig is my hero. he produced most of my favorite albums and he is so modest