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In a recent Scratch magazine interview with Dj quik, the award winning dj turned super producer divulged this tasty production tip:

  "Go Lower To Get Louder. It sounds crazy, but the quieter your things are, the louder they will be in the overall mix, especially if you start with a clean slate. That's an old Dr. Dre technique. If you get to the point where the track starts to sound like mud when you're mixing, start over and turn everything down and go up from there".

What I hear: Compression is used for the final mix to bring every thing up to industry sound levels and radio standards. By keeping all audio levels low, the final mix down will boost the tracks overall levels.
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super producer2100 said...

I always cranked up the volume or jacked up the compression to bring things to the same level. this is insane! I tried it with my latest track, Lowered every sound down soo they were not competing with each other and then threw a limiter on my whole track during mixdown and damn! sounds a million times better. not muddy at all. krystal clear. thanks DJ Quik

Country Videos Lance said...

This is cool, cause I had always been told to try to get loudest first. Great tip! I'll try it out!

By the way, the light blue is a little hard to read on the white background on my computer, don't know how others are seeing it.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

yes the blue is very hard to read and this is a good tip before mastering