Pro Tips - Mark Stent

In a Digital music maker magazine interview, Mark Stent gave this golden music production advice: "I think its good to have a couple of CDs around that you know and trust, which sound good in your car and your home stereo, so that you can always reference what you're doing to it. The other way is to feed your mix through your home hi-fi so you can better realise what it sounds like. When you head is in the speakers you get tired, so in my studio i have a little sony hi-fi and a couple of ghetto blasters and switch between them to listen in the real world, rather than a studio confined space".

The way I see it: This is a method I use as well. Before I label a track as finished I go out side and throw the track in my cars cd player and then in my home stereo to see how it sounds on different systems and different environments. This method is a must and practised by the pro's
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