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Grammy-winning record producer steve levine
In a magazine article Steve Levine gave these 5 crucial mastering tips:

"Work out your running order first - use itunes or media player to get it sorted easily.

Burn a CD of your mix and listen to it on a hi-fi or in your car before you do any mastering.

Make notes about how the tracks sound: Too much bass? Too quiet? Too loud?

Don'y over process your tracks, and be sure to give your ears plenty of rests.

Listen to commercial CDs - how do they compare to yours?"

Who is Steve Levine?

He is a Grammy-winning record producer. He has produced albums and songs for bands such as The Beach Boys, Culture Club, Gary Moore, Ziggy Marley and Stevie Wonder.

Levine has collected a number of awards, including BPI Producer of the Year, Music Week Top Singles Producer, and a Grammy for his work with Deniece Williams.
In 2007, Levine was made a Companion of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

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Country Videos said...

Great tips, especially on not overproducing. This is why I try to get the best possible mix on the original recording.

The car is also a great place to check out newly cut tracks.