Music Production Engineer

music production engineer studio

A music production engineer's main focus is recording, mixing and mastering music while working with recording artists to create a high quality song or album of music. The top ten music production engineers of 2008 come from various backgrounds and with very different educations. Some spent years in school and others have never stepped foot in a classroom of musical education. Hiring a music production engineer to complete your album usually costs between $15-20,000 for a top level engineer but prices vary greatly. Because of the brutally high cost, many artist's now days are learning how to engineer their own music to keep production costs to a minimum. In the past the equipment used to produce a song or record was astronomical but today the same equipment can be purchased in digital form for fractions of the price of the hardware with relatively the same result. If you are looking for an education in this field, Berklee college of music is the best school available and has educated some of the top engineers in the music production field. In conclusion, music production engineering is no longer a job for the wealthy or well educated but rather the inspired and the talented.