Pro tools HD/LE

Pro tools HD/LE work station

Pro Tools is and will most likely always be the industry standard. Simply put, it is the best, yet easy to learn and very straightforward to use.
Digidesign decided to offer two different classes of Pro Tools. The more expensive HD systems are expandable systems capable of recording 192 tracks of 24bit/192kHz audio. Because of their own DSP hardware this happens without stressing the computer.
They also offer audio interfaces from 96 to 192kHz,
Midi interface with 10 Midi In/Outs, sync interface and a remotely controlled microphone preamplifier with 8 phantom powered inputs, you can control it either via software or through the control surfaces available.
And you can choose between 5 different control surfaces:
ICON integrated console (a big mixing desk), D-Show Mixing console (a life mixer), Pro Control (a big modular control surface), Control 24 (a console developed with focusrite) and Command 8 (a small control surface).
Not everyone can afford such equipment and not everyone needs it so they started another product line for a more reasonable price, LE systems. They can simultaneously record up to 8 tracks of 24bit/96kHz audio.
Agreat way to record your tracks is the new Digidesign Mbox with two focusrite mic-preamps. It is designed tocapture high quality audio tracks at 24bit/48kHz. The price is very affordable.

Pro tools HD/LE work station

Manufacturers Homepage: Digidesign
Platform: Mac (OS 8.6 or higher) / PC (NT 4.0 Workstation)Typical Users: Recording Studios, Postproduction Studios, Professional Homerecording