hottest hip hop music

Lately I have been getting a ton of emails from visitors to this website and I try to answer most of the relevant ones. This morning one was wondering what the hottest hip hop music in my playlist is?

That is a tuff one. If hottest in my playlist means my most played artists, then I would have to say lil Wayne. This man has pumped out track after track and the majority of them are hot hip hop tracks, as well as a few R&B bangers. One of the hottest hip hop songs he has put out, in my opinion, Is one laced over an old outkast beat: Pussy, Money, Weed:

This track is pretty deep. Plus I really like the outkast song the beat came from so its a win win.

In conclusion, I think the hottest hip hop music in my collection right now has to be Lil Waynes music


Sire said...

I'm not sorry to say that I am not a big fan of hip-hop music and it's probably because I was born in the late fifties. Give me some good all roc'n' roll any day :D