Sell your music on the internet

First, set up an Amazon.com link. It takes only a few seconds to do. Simply go to amazon.com and set and click on the "become an associate" link and they will walk you through the setup. As you and millions all over the world know, amazon is the place people go to buy books and music, and having your music for sale there will give you presence in front of the eyes of millions. You'll also get a commission on every sale if someone else (e.g., a site you have linked with that directs its customers to amazon) sells your music. Amazon.com will also buy your CDs from you directly.

Don't limit yourself to amazon. Linking with online music sellers is simple to do. And the big bonus is, those retailers who may have turned you down in the past when you've wanted them to sell your records in their stores probably won't this time. Why? Because all they have to do is include your name and CD name on their web site list. There's no warehousing, preorder, or out-of-pocket expenses for them. And you get to be included with all the other major label artists on their site.

Don't forget about ebay. Write a great description of you, the artist, and your music, and put your web address/link in your ad copy that will direct ebay buyers to your site to hear a free sample of the CD. Include a nice looking picture of the front and back of the CD cover artwork, include any positive reviews, price your CD below the cost of others, and get ready to start taking orders!
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www.musicforlicense.net said...

Selling music is very hard, unless you are already a very established artist with a lots of following/fans.

I suggest that If you are a music creator as well as the music copyright holder, you might as well offer to license your music to a wide variety of industries that are looking for music to be used in their projects. A lot of music consumers like in the film sector are looking for music done by independent songwriters/publishers because they can use the songs for at a lower licensing costs compared to established artists.

In this way, you are not only selling it, but offering your songs for licensing which is also offers a good income revenue for songwriters/music publishers for both long term and short term (due to performance royalties and other royalties associated with its use).

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