Too Short

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-Todd Anthony Shaw (Too Short)

Too Short - Gettin it video

Too Short Albums
1983: Don't Stop Rappin'
1985: Players
1987: Raw, Uncut, and X-Rated
1988: Born to Mack
1988: Life Is...Too Short
1990: Short Dog's in the House
1992: Shorty the Pimp
1993: Get in Where You Fit In
1993: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: The Player Years, 1983-1988
1995: Cocktails
1996: Gettin' It
1999: Can't Stay Away
2000: You Nasty
2001: Chase the Cat
2002: What's My Favorite Word?
2003: Married to the Game
2006: Blow the Whistle
2006: Mack of the Century...Greatest Hits
2007: Get Off the Stage
2008: Livin' The Short Life

Too Short Myspace page
Too Shorts website was not working the last time I was there.

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