Zoom SB246 Street Boxx Drum Machine

Zoom SB246 Street Boxx Drum Machine

Street Boxx Features

-Over 500 Bangin' new hip-hop sounds 

-Over 200 radio-ready loops

-80 blazin' new hip-hop kitz

-24 Bumpin' basses and sythns

-13 Touch-Sensitive pads

Streetboxx Review

A multitude of great hip hop patterns, plus you can create your own.

It is made of plastic. So don't play games with it.

Its worth it.

This is the best; percossion sounds like the real thing. You can tune the percussion to your sound. And the pads are sensible to the touch, hit it hard and you have a hard sound, hit it soft and it will be soft.

Ease of Use:
It can be a little complicated. Take your time and read the manual. I have a week with it and keep discovering stuff every day.

This baby is the newest member of my studio

What computer music man thinks:  This seems like a cheap version of the classic MPC drum machines. If you are new to producing, and on a tight budget, you might wanna pick this up. I suggest saving up your money and buying a real drum machine.
I rate the Zoom SB246 StreetBoxx Drum Machine 5 out of 10