Shipoopi - Music Man

My grandmother is slipping slowly into senility and it seems the most frequent thought on her mind is a song from the 1957 musical "The Music Man" called Shipoopi. After constantly hearing of this Shinoopi I decided to google it to find out a little more and to my dismay I discovered an old showtune that haunts the memory much like it haunted my grandmothers.

Shipoopi did not die in the 50's though, In 1962 the film version of The Music Man was made.
In 2004 Drew Carey sang it when he guest starred in the premiere episode of Blue collar TV. And again the song was brought to life on the Family Guy show episode "patriot games" were Peter Griffin sings the song, complete with choreography.

Now allow me to bring it to life once again so it may haunt your memories as well.
Here is the original version of Shipoopi from the musical The Music Man

Might as well throw in the family guy version as well to guarantee it is embedded in your brain