The Beatnuts

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-The Beatnuts are from New York

Beatnuts- Watch Out Now video

The beatnuts started their journey in the 90's

The Beatnuts - Psycho Dwarf video

The Beatnuts Albums
Intoxicated Demons: The EP (1993), Relativity/Violator
The Beatnuts: Street Level (1994), Relativity/Violator
Stone Crazy (1997), Relativity/Violator/Epic/Sony
Hydra Beats, Vol. 5 (1997), Hydra
Remix EP: The Spot (1998), Relativity/Violator/Epic/Sony
A Musical Massacre (1999), Loud/Sony
World Famous Classics (1999), Sony
Take It or Squeeze It (2001), Loud/Epic/Sony
Beatnuts Forever (2001), Relativity
Classic Nuts, Vol. 1 (2002), Loud/Epic/Sony
The Originators (2002), Landspeed
Milk Me (2002), Penalty
U.F.O. Files (2008), Pit Fight
Planet of the Crates (2009), Pit Fight

Solo albums
God Connections (1996) – by Al' Tariq
Kool Fresh (1997) – by Al' Tariq
Psycho Therapy (The Soundtrack) (2007) – by Psycho Les
The City Never Sleeps (2007) – by Psycho Les, Al' Tariq & Problemz as Big City

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